In Level 4, students will dive into 11 units from biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science, learning about how they are all interconnected. They’ll investigate how we treat our water and preserve our food. They’ll explore how humans can travel across the Earth and how oxygen can travel throughout the body.  Level 4 will delve into the ways plants grow and levers lift. Students will examine the causes of heat rising and of bread rising. And through it all, they’ll be asking questions, seeking answers, and understanding the world around them in a way they never imagined!

Scientific Connections through Inquiry Level 4 is intended for students in approximately grades 3-6, though because it is discussion-based it can be adapted for a wide range of ages.

The units covered in SCI Level 4 are:
Machines I: Levers & Mechanical Advantage
Atomic/Molecular Motion II: Relationship to Temperature
Cells III: Integrating Cells & Whole-Body Functions
Water Cycle: The Water Cycle & Its Ramifications
Heat & Density: Expansion & Contraction with Temperature
Fungi & Bacteria II: Food Preservation & Commercial Uses of Fungi & Bacteria
Machines II: Inclined Planes, Pulleys, Gears, & Hydraulic Lifts
Mapping: Latitude & Longitude
Life of Plants II: How a Plant Grows Its Parts
Atomic/Molecular Motion III: The Temperature-Pressure-Volume Relationship
Microscopic Organisms I: Their Multitude & Diversity

Level 4 Printing specs:
163 page Guide, recommend double-sided printing
89 page Student Book, recommend single-sided printing

SCI Level 4

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