In Level 3, students will dive into 11 units from biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science, learning about the topics in each and how they are all interconnected. They’ll discover the existence of cells and of center of gravity. They’ll learn how planes stay up in the air and how boats stay up in the water. They’ll investigate how organisms reproduce to begin life and how decomposers help at the end of it.  Level 3 will delve into the motion of molecules and of spinning wheels. Students will examine the cause of the seasons, and what plants need to grow. And through it all, they’ll be asking questions, seeking answers, and understanding the world around them in a way they never imagined!

Scientific Connections through Inquiry Level 3 is intended for students in approximately grades 2-5, though because it is discussion-based it can be adapted for a wide range of ages.

The units covered in SCI Level 3 are:

Cells I: Microscopes, Observations of Tissues, & the Cell Theory
Flight: How Things Fly
Atomic/Molecular Motion I: Evidence From Brownian Motion & Diffusion
Cells II: Cell Growth, Division, Differentiation, & Intro to Reproduction
Balance: Center of Gravity, How to Balance, & Wobbling Wheels
Fungi & Bacteria I: What They Are & Their Role as Decomposers in Nature
Density: Will It Sink or Float? Concept of Density & Its Measurement
Seasons: Causes & Effects of Seasonal Changes
Life of Plants I: The Life of Growing Plants for Fun, Food, & Learning
Energy in Motion: Momentum & Waves
Buoyancy: How Metal Ships Float

Level 3 Printing specs:
154 page Guide, recommend double-sided printing
68 page Student Book, recommend single-sided printing

SCI Level 3

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