In Level 1, students will dive into 14 units in biology, chemistry, physics, and earth and space science. They will be engaged in discovering truths about our interconnected world.

Students will discover how to identify north from south and oaks from maples. They will investigate how magnets can affect objects from a distance, and how sounds can do the same. They’ll explore how species are adapted to meet the needs of the population and how maps are designed to meet the needs of the user. They will learn about the carbon cycle and the water cycle.

Using observations they have unconsciously internalized, students will gain conscious understanding of the world around them in a way they never imagined! And through it all, they’ll be asking questions, seeking answers, and having fun!

Scientific Connections through Inquiry Level 1 is intended for students in approximately grades K-3 though because it is discussion-based it can be adapted for a wide range of ages.

The units covered in SCI Level 1 are:

Sound: Sound, Vibrations, & Energy
Identification: Identification of Living Things & Why Plants & Animals LiveWhere They Do
Maps: Reading & Drawing Maps
Species: What is a Species?
Directions: North, East, South, & West
Magnetism: Magnets & Magnetic Fields
Energy III: Distinguishing Between Matter & Energy
Matter II: Air Pressure, Vacuums, & the Earth’s Atmosphere
Food Chains: Adaptations & Energy Flow
Time: Time & Earth’s Turning
Air: A Mixture of Gases
Adaptations: Adaptations & Survival
Matter III: Evaporation & Condensation: The Basics of the Water Cycle
Biomes: Landforms & Climate

Level 1 Printing specs:
192 page Guide, recommend double-sided printing
37 page Student Book, recommend single-sided printing

SCI Level 1

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