SCI Level 1 coming soon!

SCI Level 1 is planned to include:

Sound: Sound, Vibration, & Energy

Living: Identification of Living Things & Why Plants and Animals Live Where they Do

Maps: Reading & Drawing Maps

Species: What Is a Species?

Directions: North, East, South & West

Magnetism: Magnets & Magnetic Fields

Concepts of Energy III: Distinguishing between Matter and Energy

Matter II: Air Pressure, Vacuums, & the Earth’s Atmosphere

Food Chains: Concepts of Adaptations, Food Chains, & Energy Flow

Time: Time & the Earth’s Turning

Air: A Mixture of Gases

Adaptations: Adaptations & Survival

Matter III: Evaporation & Condensation: The Basics of the Water Cycle

Biomes: Land Forms & Major Biomes of the Earth

Please note, this list is subject to change.

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